Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? The team of Livia McCabe and Brendan Hughes would like the opportunity to with meet you to view your property, and discuss your goals and your time frames. Livia and Brendan will explain their unique practises when listing properties - assuring transparency, accountability and collaboration throughout the selling process. They will also share key information with you about your neighborhood, recent sales, and current activity – providing necessary context about the real estate market and emerging trends at that moment. TOGETHER you can determine the right pricing strategy to quickly generate offers for your consideration.

Getting Ready

You will be working closely with a Realtor throughout the sale process (weeks and sometimes months) so it is imperative that you trust, respect and feel confident in your choice. The McCabe Hughes Team will share their own unique and collaborative methods with you, offering suggestions and access to their many resources, to ensure your property makes the best first impression possible when it hits the market.

Marketing Your Home

The McCabe/Hughes Team has a Listing Plan of Action, customized to reflect the uniqueness of your home. Times have changed, and so have the ways people gather information when shopping for a home. Having had long and successful Sales & Marketing, and Media Buying careers previous to selling real estate, the McCabe Hughes Team can offer marketing perspectives unlike any other industry members.

Negotiating Offers

The value of experienced negotiators, working for your best interests, cannot be overstated. Every offer is valuable and is negotiated to its highest point, at which time you the seller can determine whether it is acceptable or not. The McCabe Hughes Team stays consistent to their values of negotiating ethically and with respect, always keeping YOUR best interests as their priority.

Condition Period

You have a conditional sale, but now comes the property inspection and other conditions that the buyer will be working through. This can often be the most stressful part of the sale process for sellers. The McCabe Hughes team will help you each step of the way, providing you with guidance and context as the buyers work through each unique condition towards a successful sale transaction.


The McCabe Hughes Team will ensure each detail is managed so your transaction closes successfully.